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The MeatEater Podcast

Building on the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, host Steven Rinella brings a deep and relevant look at all outdoor topics including hunting, fishing, nature, conservation and wild foods. Filled with humor, irreverence and things that will surprise the hell out of you, each episode welcomes a diverse group of guests who add their own expertise on the vast world of the outdoors.

Part of MeatEater, Inc.

Feb 25, 2019

Steven Rinella talks with Remi Warren, Gray Thornton of the Wild Sheep Foundation, along with Ryan Callaghan, Ben O'Brien and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed:  getting a gun (kind of) pulled on you; presentism and Jack O'Connor; the 12-hour rule; the severe consequences of fingering your rifle; re-squeaking cheese...

Feb 18, 2019

Steven Rinella talks with Ryan Callaghan, Ben O’Brien, and Janis Putelis at the MeatEater Podcast LIVE from Sacramento.

Subjects discussed: poaching a great white shark with a .22; the peculiarities of California; trading “smokies” for taxidermy, selling walleye fillets, and other details of an Ohio's wild...

Feb 11, 2019

Steven Rinella talks with Larry Keane and Mark Oliva of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, along with Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: Negligent discharges and the dark humor of the Marine Corps; button bucks and the Doppelkopf syndrome; the Colorado runner who choked-out a mountain lion; illegal ginseng harvest...

Feb 4, 2019

Steven Rinella talks with Ryan Callaghan, Pete Muennich, Janis Putelis, and Ben O'Brien.

Subjects discussed: what’s up with eating songbirds? a big waidmannsheil to you!; Amish prejudice; gun safety; powercuts, edge habitat, and crawling deer; the mysterious mathematical formula behind Ohio's poaching fines; can you...