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The MeatEater Podcast

Building on the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, host Steven Rinella brings a deep and relevant look at all outdoor topics including hunting, fishing, nature, conservation and wild foods. Filled with humor, irreverence and things that will surprise the hell out of you, each episode welcomes a diverse group of guests who add their own expertise on the vast world of the outdoors.

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Oct 14, 2019


Steven Rinellatalks with Spencer NeuharthDanielle PrewettRyan Callaghan, Phil Taylor, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: Starting the rut by mixing corn and Viagra; fact checking the poisonous status of daddy long legs; what, exactly, is flavor?; appreciating the natural; paper towel budgets; how to properly...

Oct 7, 2019

Steven Rinella talks with Danny Schmidt, Chris Gill, Rorke Denver, Seth Morris, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: More on the pros and cons of flip flops; getting your heel peeled off by an alligator’s back; Steve's annoyance with people being annoyed over people doing stupid things in a park; the immense hunting...

Sep 30, 2019

Steven Rinella talks with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Janis Putelis.
Subjects discussed: Botching people’s names; blacksmithing; fishing with a single fly forever; 18 strands of white stallion tail; Steve being good at libraries; feeling the current with your testicles; taking kids fishing on the Crow...

Sep 23, 2019

Steven Rinella talks with Anthony Licata, Doug Duren, Ryan Callaghan, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: drinking curdled mother's milk from a calf's stomach; bluegills on dip; Steve's sebaceous cyst as fish bait; the Fort Keogh gate situation; clearing the air with Doug over CWD; Cal's bugles; crunch-pfff; what...

Sep 16, 2019

Steven Rinella talks with Greg Fonts, Alex Reynaud, George Scheidt, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: How to free dive and read a reef; hole hunting; nibbling for curiosity; how to corner a ling cod; where grizzlies end and great white sharks begin; spearfishing as a way to find out everything that’s wrong with your...